28 June 2011






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  Dear Valued Customer

We are pleased to present a new edition of the Weekly Highlights to you. As always, this newsletter contains important information on changes to our network and services. If you have any questions, please contact your local Maersk Line representative.

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Story of the week

‘Day of the Seafarer’   
Saturday, 25 June is ‘Day of the Seafarer’. It’s an opportunity to raise awareness of the vital role seafarers play in the world economy and of career opportunities at sea. But most importantly it is an opportunity for the world to say: “Thank you, seafarers”.

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Service & Surcharge updates


Update – European Union customs advanced manifest rule

European Union customs advanced manifest rule will be strictly enforced from 1 July, and failure to compliance may lead to penalties and / or fines.

In this regard, Spanish customs requires at least the 4 digits HS code with immediate effect for all shipments destined to Spain and for cargo to be transhipped in Spanish ports. 

Based on the European Union Commission requirements the cargo description must not be in general terms (for instance General Cargo). In order to avoid uncertainty, we strongly encourage our customers to always include the HS code (4 digits as minimum but preferably 6) in the Transport Document Instructions (TDI) for all shipments to and via the European Union.

Submitting the HS codes will:
– Facilitate customs assessments, eliminating uncertainty related to commodity descriptions
– Will eliminate any language issue

We would also like to emphasize to our customers the importance of submitting TDI in accordance with the European Union customs requirements and also in accordance to the deadlines established by Maersk Line offices locally.

Any delay or fines arising due to commodity descriptions will be accounted to customers.

More information about the elements to be provided in TDI for ENS submission can be found in our » Easy Reference Guide

Should you have any further questions regarding this rule, please visit our » EU Customs advanced manifest rule page.


EU regulations – Non-Load, Missing Customs Approval charge (MCA)

Following the EU regulations and in connection to the » previously announced policy of not loading any EU-bound cargo in case the submission of Transport Document Instructions (TDI) is not in accordance with the previously outlined deadlines, we will implement a Non-Load, Missing Customs Approval (MCA) charge. The charge will be applicable to all EU-bound shipments, for which the necessary documentation was not submitted in time, thus preventing us from providing the EU customs authorities with the required information and leading to rolled cargo.

The amount of the charge is USD 100 per container.

The new charge will be applicable from 15 July 2011 for all non-FMC trades and from 1 August 2011 for FMC regulated trades (United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island (US) and American Samoa).

Please note that any additional cost incurred due to rolling, e.g. Export Detention and Demurrage, will be covered by the customer.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Maersk Line representative.

Earthquake in Japan – Maersk Line operations latest update

Maersk Line, with its commitment to service Japan in rebuilding of the country, is consistently working to overcome operational constraints following the earthquake. As long as it is considered safe for the crew, Maersk Line will continue calling Japanese ports.
Port operations / Acceptance

All major Japanese ports, including Tokyo and Yokohama are fully operational. To ensure that radiation levels are not higher than government recommended levels all Maersk Line containers received at the Minami Honmoku terminal in Yokohama, including those connected by domestic feeders, are checked for radiation.


Following Hachinohe and Sendai, now the port of Onahama resumes operation at limited scale.  With continuous operational constraints, the feeder operation to serve these three ports remains restrictive. For export – the acceptance of cargo at these ports is still limited to dry containers only on very selective basis. There is still no acceptance of reefers for export. For import – there is still no acceptance of any containers.

Detailed information on the situation in Japan can be found on the following links:
» http://www.iaea.org/
» http://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/tsunamiupdate01.html
» http://www.mlit.go.jp/kowan/kowan_fr1_000041.html

Surcharge News

Overview of CAF and global BAF levels

For a comprehensive overview of the CAF levels and the global BAF calculator, please follow the link below.

» CAF and global BAF

To view trade specific surcharges that have been changed in the past week in Maersk Line, please click on the trade names given below. Please note the published surcharges are not a comprehensive overview of all the surcharges applicable in the trades, but reflect recent changes only.

General Rate Increases/Restoration (GRI/GRR)

In order to continue offering our broad portfolio of services and high level of reliability it will be necessary for us to implement a number of rate increases/restorations.
We ask for your understanding and look forward to continuing to provide the service you’ve come to expect from Maersk Line.

Europe, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent to West Coast of South America, Central America and Caribbean – General Rate Increase (GRI) – Correction*

Effective date: 15 July 2011

Scope: Europe, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, Red Sea to West Coast of South America, Central America and Caribbean (excl. Mexico and Puerto Rico) 

 General Rate Increase: EUR 150/300/300 per 20’/40’/40’ high cube dry


Scope: Europe, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent, Red Sea to Mexico and Puerto Rico

General Rate Increase: USD 150/225/225 per 20’/40’/40’ high cube dry

Note: Published with correct scope


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Far East trade divider  The Far East trade includes cargo moving to and from Asia and Middle East, Red Sea, and South Asia.
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All Trades divider  For changed surcharges applicable to all trades.
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Tired of entering the same data again and again?

When you create new bookings, you can reuse data you’ve already entered for a previous booking. Just select the booking you’d like to copy in the ‘My Maersk Line’ overview, click the arrow in the ‘Actions’ drop-down menu, and select ‘Reuse’.


Reusing a previous booking means you use fewer steps, less time, and a lower risk of making mistakes. We’ve recently improved the function so you can now quickly and easily modify your container type or number in the new booking.

» My Maersk Line

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