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The parties resumed bargaining at 12:00 PM PT. Both parties have agreed to mediation and the head of the FMCS, George Cohen, is scheduled to arrive from Washington, DC this evening.  The Mayor of LA remains involved and will be attending bargaining sessions.

Terminals No Change

The terminals that employ OCU labor at Port of LA/LB remain closed. TraPac, SSA Pier C, SSA Pier A, and PCT Pier J are open.

Vessel Operations – Updated 12/4/2012 5:30 PM ET

The following provides a view toward status of current vessel operations.

Service NameVessel NameTerminalStatus
Oceania PSWANL BINBURRA  TrapacDue LSA on 12/4/2012 – normal operations expected
Oceania PSWITAJAI EXPRESS  TrapacDue LSA on 12/7/2012 – normal operations expected
TA1MOL ENDURANCE  TrapacDue LSA on 12/3/2012 – normal operations expected
Taiwan ExpressEVER SALUTE  SeasideDockside at Seaside Terminal – waiting end of strike
Taiwan ExpressEVER ENVOY  SeasideDue LSA 12/4/2012 – Expected to idle off coast
Thailand ExpressNYK APHRODITE  YTIDockside at YTI – waiting end of strike
Thailand ExpressHANJIN CHONGQING  YTIAnchored in LSA waiting end of strike
Thailand ExpressNYK ATLAS  YTIDue in LSA 12/6/2012 – Further update pending
TP2MSC BILBAOPier ADue LGB on 12/5/12 – normal operations expected
TP5SL COMET  Pier 400Dockside at Pier 400 – waiting end of strike
TP5SL LIGHTNING  Pier 400Reversing port calls – Oakland then LSA – Due Oak 12/5/12
TP6METTE MAERSK  Pier 400Dockside at Pier 400 – waiting end of strike
TP6GUDRUN MAERSK  Pier 400Due in LSA 12/5/2012 – Will idle off the coast
TP6GEORG MAERSK  Pier 400Due in LSA 12/9/2012 – Slow steaming to LSA
TP7MAERSK MERLION  Pier 400Diverted to Ensenada, MX on 12/2/12
TP7MAERSK DELLYSPier 400Omitting LSA. Balboa cargo will roll a week – 12/4/12
TP7MAERSK DRURY  Pier 400Due in LSA 12/9/2012 – Further update pending
TP8CMA CGM VIVALDITTIMoved to LGB PCT Pier J – Vessel ops started 12/2/12
TP8CMA CGM  BIANCATTIDue LGB 12/7/2012 – Moving to SSA Pier A 12/7/12
WCCAMAERSK WINNIPEG  Pier 400Diverted to Lazaro Cardenas, MX on 11/30/12
WCCAMAERSK WESTPORT  Pier 400Omitting LSA. Diverting cargo to Ensenada, MX – 12/4/12

Rail Operations – No Change

All inland BNSF rail facilities moving cargo to the LA/LB area are receiving US Export cargo however all containers are being grounded and trains are no longer departing to LA/LB.

Equipment Update - No Change
Continue to send all requests related to equipment and chassis to [email protected].

Our business continuity team is meeting twice daily to review the ongoing developments in LA/LB to ensure we are well prepared to support our valued customers once operations resume. We will continue to provide updates as we receive new/changed information.

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Maersk Line

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